The $CIL token rewards program is designed to incentivize stakers of the $CIL token to earn a portion of the Cilistia marketplace's revenue. By staking their $CIL tokens, stakers will earn 70% of the marketplace's transaction fees. This encourages holders of $CIL to help secure the network and earn rewards for doing so.

How rewards are earned

Sellers on the Cilistia marketplace are required to stake their $CIL in order to open sell positions on the marketplace. Staking $CIL allows sellers to trade 50% of the staked $CIL value on the marketplace in other currencies such as WBTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and more.

Additionally, staking $CIL also helps to secure buyers on the Cilistia marketplace. If a seller tries to engage in fraudulent activities on the exchange, their $CIL token wallet address can be blacklisted via a governance vote.

$CIL can be unstaked and withdrawn at any time. However, if a seller has an open trade on the exchange, there is a 7-day time lock on the withdrawal of staked $CIL.


The rewards for staking $CIL on the Cilistia marketplace are liquid and paid out daily to stakers. This means that stakers can access their rewards and use them as they see fit, with several options available to them.

One option is to compound their $CIL supply by using their rewards to purchase more CIL, thus increasing their stake and earning even more rewards in the future. This is a great way to grow their $CIL holding over time.

Another option is to trade their rewards within the marketplace. The rewards paid out to stakers are in the form of a 50/50 split of $CIL and ETH, which can be traded for other currencies such as WBTC, USDT, USDC and more. This allows stakers to diversify their portfolio and take advantage of trading opportunities.

Overall, the daily liquidity of the rewards and the flexibility to use them in different ways, allows stakers to make the most of their $CIL holdings, whether their goals are for long-term holding or for short-term trading.


Staking $CIL on the Cilistia marketplace not only earns rewards for the staker, but also helps to secure the marketplace and protect buyers. It also allows sellers to trade a portion of their $CIL in other currencies, increasing their liquidity and trading options.