Cilistia is the world's first revenue-sharing, decentralized P2P cryptocurrency marketplace that distributes 70% of its revenue to $CIL token stakers.

Cilistia uses smart contracts to facilitate trades between buyers and sellers. When a trade is initiated, a smart contract is created to hold the funds in escrow until both parties agree that the trade has been completed.

This ensures that the funds are secure and cannot be released without the consent of both parties. This also means that there is no need for a third party to act as a mediator or custodian of the funds, as is the case with centralized exchanges.


Buyer Protection

Learn how Cilistia protects buyers on its marketplace.

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How disputes are settled on the Cilistia marketplace.

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How markets are created on Cilistia & which networks are supported.

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Fees that are charged by the Cilistia marketplace for every trade.

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Cilistia's utility and governance token. Earns 70% of the marketplace revenue when staked.


Learn how Cilistia rewards its stakers with real yield generated through swaps and trades.


The Cilistia Protocol includes a private messaging protocol built on Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme.


A contract designed to ensure that the price of the $CIL token remains above a certain threshold.